Game Specifics for the God of Fire Slot Machine

Our recommended Microgaming online casinos will have access to Northern Lights Gaming’s God of Fire slot machine beginning in September 2021.

Players can build a reward of up to 18,000x with the help of Hephaestus, the celestial smith and son of Zeus, in this slot based on Greek mythology.

Modeling a Slot

The God of Fire slot machine is a basic 5 reel, 3 row video game with 243,096 possible winning combinations.

This is accurate; all wagers have up to 60 million possible outcomes thanks to the inclusion of UltraWaysTM.

The game’s variance is set to HIGH, and its RTP is 96.06%.

Players searching for a low-wager slot may like this game’s 0.20-dollar minimum and 12-dollar maximum bets each spin.

Northern Lights retains the Greek Mythology theme in its visual presentation, with an animated Hephaestus on the left side of the gameboard with lava and fire around him.

While the animations are top-notch, the game’s symbols are unimaginative and the design is overly straightforward.

The menu is inconveniently placed in the top right, clicking it brings up a submenu on the left, and closing it requires using the ‘X’ at the bottom left.

When the game’s designers decide to move the menu around many times, it can be frustrating for both new and veteran players.

The slot machine does not have a MAX BET button, but it does not require many clicks to play because the interface just allows you to select the wager.

Slot Functions

The Exploding Wild Bonus is triggered in the main game by the blue Wild symbol (the ordinary Wild symbol does not explode) whenever it appears on the board. Each blue symbol can potentially disclose one, two, four, or even more Blue Wild Symbols when it bursts. When there are no more Blue Wild Symbols left to explode, the game ends. A bonus is given out throughout the free spins and super free spins rounds.

UltraWaysTM Payouts: Symbols of the same kind and of the same size that fall next to one another from left to right are considered winners. This slot machine has one of the biggest potential payout structures, with up to 60,000,000 possible combinations.

The bonus symbol appears and functions as a scatter only in the main game. The following bonuses are awarded for landing 2–5 scatters: Awards: 2 Each additional Super Free Spins Token grants an additional 3 free spins and 1 extra life, 4 free spins and 2 extra lives, and 5 free spins and 5 extra lives.

Only occurs on reel 5 during free spins and super free spins, the gain life symbol increases your current life total by 1.

Similar to the above sign, the Lose Life sign only appears on Reel 5 during the Free Spins and Super Free Spins bonuses, and it subtracts 1 from your current life counter.

As previously mentioned, the Free Spins Bonus is activated when three or more of the bonus symbol appear anywhere on the gameboard. The number of initial lives is 3, 4, or 5 and increases by one with every dispersion. On each given spin, you might win one of four possible bonuses: no extras, Exploding Wilds, Upgrades, or Multipliers. Multiplier increases all winnings by 2, 3, 5, or 10 times, while Exploding Wild simply adds a Blue Wild Symbol to replace a random symbol on the reel. Since bonus scatters do not appear during free spins or super free spins, this feature cannot be retriggered. If you run out of lives, this function will be disabled.

Super Free Spins Bonus: Every time 2 or more bonus symbols appear on the gameboard, the player receives a token. When 60 tokens are collected, a special function is unlocked. The game begins with a random number of lives between 3 and 5. Each spin in this mode will always have the same set of characteristics, but those features will be chosen at random. The Exploding Wild feature returns, swapping in a Blue Wild Symbol for any symbol on the board; the Upgrade feature increases the number of UltraWaysTM on any symbol; and the Multiplier feature multiplies any winnings from the current spin by 4, 6, 10, or 20 times. This function also cannot be reactivated. If you run out of lives, this function will be disabled.


We appreciate Northern Lights’ use of the UltraWaysTM engine in God of Fire.

We also appreciate the slot’s free spins and super free spins system, which uses lives rather than a set number of spins.

Both the visuals and the navigation menus have room for improvement.

Overall, a fantastic high-volatility slot with a very modest maximum wager that’s ideal for casual gamers.

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